RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

Originally, RSS stood for Rich Site Summary, but now it is commonly interpreted as meaning Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a standard data format that allows to monitor some key contents of a web site and be informed about any update while outside the web site itself. To use this service, it is necessary to have installed in one's own pc a specific "aggregator" program named RSS Reader, or, alternatively, use one from sites that offer it on line.
You can easily find an aggregator on Internet, even free of charge, through one of the major search engines.

Why is RSS helpful?

RSS feeds can be very useful because they allow to aggregate in one single list the latest news and info published by selected web sites, without the need to constantly browse them.

One would normally bookmark the preferred web sites, and periodically browse them for updates and latest news. Sometimes this check has to be done several times per day. Now, with an aggregator, you just need to add to your own list the URL of the selected RSS feed and the reader will automatically detect their existence and bring it to your attention.

How to use it? 

To activate a feed you simply need to know the relevant web address. If you use Internet Explorer you can do so by clicking the right button of the mouse on the "RSS" icon and then selecting "copy link". Once you've done it, then you can paste the URL in the specific field shown by the RSS Reader aggregator in use.

In the RSS feed is available for 2 information categories, Press Releases and Presentation from Investor Relation:

 Feed - Press releases

 Feed - Investor Relations