Data processing purposes: to ensure claims management (with particular reference to claims settlement, prevention and identification of insurance frauds and related legal actions) and to fulfil any other obligations under EU rules and regulations, or provided by data protection and control Bodies and/or Authorities. 

Data origin: personal data may be provided directly by Data Subjects or other entities (e.g. insured person, injured party) 

Processed data types: common personal and judicial data if necessary.

Scope of communication: personal data can be communicated to subjects belonging to the so-called “insurance chain”: policy holders, insured people, agents, subagents and other agency collaborators, selling agents, insurance brokers, insurers, co-insurers and reinsurers; legal and medical advisers, technical advisers, insurance adjusters.

Such data can be also communicated to Generali Group Companies and other service Companies carrying out claims settlement and management, IT, computerized, financial, archiving, mail printing, incoming and outgoing mail sorting and auditing services on our behalf. Data may also be communicated to Generali Group companies for the prevention and identification of insurance frauds, as well as to trade associations (ANIA) and association bodies belonging to the insurance sector to which data must be disclosed to provide the above services or to protect the rights of the insurance business.

Some data may be communicated to institutional bodies such as the Judicial Authority, police forces and IVASS by law or regulation.

Scope of dissemination: the Company does not disseminate any personal data.