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          To send to Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. messages via PEC (Italian certified email system) please use this email address.

          In addition, in order to assure a quick answer on specific issues we suggest:

          • For information about the insurance services offered by our Group in the various markets, with particular reference to:

          - insurance coverages (types, prices, conditions, brochures, etc.),
          - insurance claims or settlement procedures,
          - employment opportunities to please address your request to our local units

          please see the list of “WHERE WE ARE” on the upper part of the header

          • Journalists from newspapers, financial papers, press agencies to please contact directly our Media Relations department
          • Those willing to submit their CV or apply for a job vacancy to please visit the Job search page
          • Institutional Investors, financial services companies,analysts to please contact directly our Investor Relations department
          • Retail shareholders to please contact directly our Shareholders Unit
          • To submit a sponsorship proposal to please use our Generali Sponsorship platform