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          This challenging and unsettling period is teaching us all the importance of resilience—not so much the ability to predict the unpredictable, but rather to be prepared for whatever it is the future might throw at us. Flexibility, a willingness to adapt and being quick to react are the attributes that will help us to overcome setbacks and continue on our path towards growth into the future. Society, the economy, individuals—all are in constant transformation, and resilience is the strategic approach that will enable us to rise to the challenge of future global crises.


          Resilience is strategic to relaunch the economy and face the new global challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic.
          by Philippe Donnet

          The pandemic highlighted the critical importance of a global economy that was already in retreat.
          by Dario Di Vico

          Our wellbeing is intrinsically linked to the environment around us: that is what is referred to as “Circular Health”.
          interview with Ilaria Capua

          What will it leave of us, this pandemic? Will we truly emerge stronger?
          by Paola Peduzzi

          The accelerated pace of lifestyle change has also impacted the way we work.
          by Monica Alessandra Possa

          The value of decisions taken ahead of time and the ability of our company to change and adapt are now coming to the fore.
          by Frédéric de Courtois

          What eco-sustainability means for me and why I believe we have to reignite the hopes of our youth.
          by Giovanni Liverani

          In the roughest moments, we need meaningful proposals: here is our solution for the European economy!
          by Fabio Marchetti - Illustrations by Maria Corte

          Photojournalism from the Gulf of Guinea, where an Italian has demonstrated the value – including economically – of adapting to the nature that surrounds us.
          by Alessandro Sala

          Faced with an unprecedented situation, a writer and a photographer found a way to tell the story of the first lockdown.
          by Gabriele Galimberti

          The pandemic is accelerating change and forcing us to rethink our cities. Here’s how.
          by Carlo Ratti

          How does our mind respond to moments of confusion and crisis? By making us stronger.
          by Alberto Pellai

          Our First Global Campaign. A historic first for the entire insurance sector.
          by the Editorial Office

          Resilience is part of Generali’s DNA, as proven by 190 years of successfully adapting to global changes both large and small.
          by the Editorial Office

          In the present situation, those who already had need of support need it now more than ever. We have offered reinforcement and continuity to our support programs.
          by the Editorial Office

          Schools have struggled to respond to the pandemic: but how will the post-pandemic school look?
          by the Editorial Office

          The pandemic has demonstrated our fragility. It might, however, leave us with increased care for our environment.
          by the Editorial Office

          Efficiency, sustainability, space to live. That is a smart city. Let’s think about it!
          by the Editorial Office