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          We must learn to see trust as an economic principle, to the point where no organisational decision-making process can overlook or sideline it. The trust we must consolidate lies not only in the relationship between a company and its clients, but between individuals and the society in which they live: opportunities, interpersonal ties, the future, state institutions, work. Such an approach creates a virtuous circle which improves the quality of life and lifts the global economy.


          From blockchain-enabled voting to new models of citizen engagement.
          by Don Tapscott

          The consumer’s partner for life, platform companies, are coming through.
          by Massimo Folador

          Female empowerment struggles to make headway, although the trend is positive.
          by the Editorial Office

          The One Project is building a new language and community using therapeutic photography techniques.
          by Bryce Evans

          The example of the Danube shows that high water levels, beyond posing a risk, can also become a resource.
          by the Editorial Office

          The increase in government spending to support development and fight poverty is insufficient. Private initiatives, however, are on the rise.
          by the Editorial Office

          Reducing emissions is not the only way to avoid the buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere. It is also possible to capture the CO2 and transport it to a safe site.
          by Sergio Persoglia

          For many years, welfare has been on a downward spiral. The solution will come from the private sector.
          by the Editorial Office

          Are demographic trends reducing our faith in the future?
          by the Editorial Office

          The prevailing economic model is evolving, and it’s opening up new avenues based on building relationships.
          by Lucia Silva and Alberto Paletta

          The technological platform underpinning Bitcoin promises to bring about development in other fields, with disruptive potential.
          by Paolo Ribotta

          Generali Italia is changing the way we think and talk about insurance, meeting the need for a positive approach.
          by the Editorial Office

          Customer experience at the heart of culture.
          by Jonathan Heywood