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          Europ Assistance & Global Business Lines

          To meet the corporate sector's complex and diverse needs, the Generali Group has developed an insurance offering platform unique to the market. Global Business Lines provide access to integrated insurance and assistance solutions to cover the business risks regarding employees and assets linked to property and people. Generali Vitality is the competence center aiming at promoting an educational prevention program in Europe.


          Established in 1963, Europ Assistance (EA) is only of the leading global brands in the field of private assistance.
          Today EA boasts over 300 million customers in more than 200 countries, supported by its 35 assistance centres and its network of 750,000 partner suppliers.
          EA offers insurance coverage and assistance in the travel sector, the automotive area with road-side assistance, and personalised coverage for assisting the elderly, cyber-security, and medical and concierge services.
          In 2018, the EA Group’s total turnover came to € 1.7 billion.
          EA continues to pursue a growth strategy focused on strengthening its leadership position in the travel sector, at the same time expanding and diversifying its offer of motor and personal assistance products. The goal is to reach € 2.1 billion in revenues by 2021.
          In 2018, OpinionWay named EA the most trustworthy company operating in the financial sector in France.



          Figures as at December 31, 2018

          Generali Global Health (GGH) was set up in 2015 as the General group brand and division dedicated to the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) sector. This market globally boasted premium income of over € 11.7 billion in 2017, with growth estimates at € 15.7 billion in 2020.
          GGH achieved € 0.1 billion in premium volume in 2018 (+47% compared to 2017), staying in line with its strategic plan aimed at making it become the IPMI market leader by 2023.
          GGH stands out from the rest due to the innovative nature of its products and services and to the high degree of digitalization of its processes.
          These are qualities that the market has already acknowledged. In fact, GGH was awarded the title of “International Travel and Health Insurance of the Year” at the International Insurance Forum for 2018 held in Geneva.

          Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) is an integrated network that offers services for employee benefits of multinational companies consisting of protection, life and health coverage, and pension plans for both local and ex-pat employees. Located in over 100 countries and with more than 400 coordinated multinational programmes (of which about 40 captive), GEB today is the market leader for multinational companies with a premium volume of € 1.4 billion. With the aim of further developing its business, in 2018 Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. obtained authorisation to open a new branch in Luxembourg, which will be concentrated on business employee benefits.

          Global Corporate and Commercial (GC&C) offers medium to large companies and intermediaries in over 160 countries around the world, insurance solutions and P&C services. Backed by its solid global experience, knowledge of the local markets and of the corporate sector, integrated solutions that can be personalised in properties, casualty, engineering, marine, aviation, cyber and specialty risks are offered. Furthermore, GC&C guarantees companies the same level of assistance and protects everywhere in the world through its Multinational Programs, Claims and Loss Prevention experts.
          Global Corporate & Commercial has collected a total premium volume of € 2 billion in 2018.


          Generali Vitality Gmbh is the business unit and competence center for the development of the Generali Vitality project in Europe to encourage and reward healthy behaviour for customers seeking a healthier lifestyle.
          The purpose of this educational prevention initiative is to encourage participants to improve their overall well-being condition, while also reducing expenses for medical care. In fact, there is a rewarding system for those who regularly exercise, maintain a good dietand make regular medical check-ups. From 2016 this program is available in Germany, France and Austria, and the extension to other countries is planned for the future. The company manages product development and program management throughout Europe.


          MANAGER IN CHARGE The Country Manager Italy Marco Sesana oversees Global Corporate & Commercial, Generali Employee Benefits and Generali Global Health. The Country Manager France, Jean-Laurent Granier oversees Europ Assistance. The CEO of Vitality Simon Guest oversees Vitality.