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          Europ Assistance & Global Business Lines

          To meet the corporate sector's complex and diverse needs, the Generali Group has developed an insurance offering platform unique to the market.
          Europ Assistance falls within the scope of responsibility of the Country Manager France & Europ Assistance;
          Generali Global Business Lines (GBL) fall within the scope of responsibility of the Country Manager & CEO of Generali Country Italia and Global Business Lines, support companies of global reach with a complete insurance offer. The GBLs include two units: Generali Global Corporate & Commercial and Generali Employees Benefits.


          Established in 1963, EA, which falls within the scope of responsibility of the Country Manager France, is one of the leading global brands in the field of private assistance. Today it is present in over 200 countries and territories, supported by its 43 assistance centres and its network of 750,000 partner suppliers. EA offers insurance coverage and assistance in the travel sector, the automotive area with road-side assistance, and personalised coverage for assisting the elderly, cyber-security, home, medical and concierge services. In 2021, the EA Group’s total turnover came to € 2.0 billion, up by 24% compared to previous year, thanks to growth achieved over all its business lines. The travel insurance line, that had been particularly hit by Covid-19, benefitted from new partnerships and also from international travel recovery and the increase in travelers’ need for cover.

          EA’s ambition is to strengthen its international, multiline and multichannel strategy to pursue growth and to be the most reliable care company in the world.



          Figures as at December 31, 2021

          Generali Global Business Lines (GBL) support companies of global reach with a complete insurance offer. The GBLs include two units: Generali Global Corporate & Commercial and Generali Employees Benefits, which offer medium to large companies flexible and smart insurance services and solution in the Life and P&C segments, health protection and pension plans for local and global employees of multinational companies. Generali Global Business Lines have collected a total premium volume of € 4,069 million in 2021. 

          Global Corporate and Commercial (GC&C) 
          GC&C offers medium to large companies and intermediaries in over 160 countries around the world, insurance solutions and P&C services. Backed by its solid global experience and knowledge of the local markets and of the corporate sector, integrated solutions that can be personalised in properties, casualty, engineering, marine, aviation, cyber and specialty risks are offered. Furthermore, GC&C guarantees companies the same level of assistance and protects everywhere in the world through its Multinational Programs, Claims and Loss Prevention experts. GC&C has collected a total premium volume of € 2.5 billion in 2021. 

          Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) 
          GEB is an integrated network, which operates through the Luxembourg branch of Assicurazioni Generali, and provides services to employees of multinational companies consisting of protection, life and health coverage, and pension plans for both local and expat employees. Located in 126 countries,with  330 coordinated multinational programmes and  47 captive clients, GEB is one of the market leaders for multinational companies with premiums volume of € 1.6 billion.


          Generali Vitality Gmbh is the business unit and competence center for the development of the Generali Vitality project in Europe to encourage and reward healthy behaviour for customers seeking a healthier lifestyle.
          The purpose of this educational prevention initiative is to encourage participants to improve their overall well-being condition, while also reducing expenses for medical care. In fact, there is a rewarding system for those who regularly exercise, maintain a good diet and make regular medical check-ups. From 2016 this program is available in Germany, France and Austria, and the extension to other countries is planned for the future. The company manages product development and program management throughout Europe.



          MANAGER IN CHARGE The Country Manager Italy Marco Sesana oversees Global Corporate & Commercial, Generali Employee Benefits and Generali Global Health. The Country Manager France, Jean-Laurent Granier oversees Europ Assistance. The CEO of Vitality Simon Guest oversees Vitality.