Effortless and caring experiences

To minimize customer effort at every step

Using the feedback received from 5.5 million customers, we have created a genuine customer-centric culture and implemented thousands of actions to improve customer experience.

Thanks to this solid foundation, we will design effortless and caring experiences that minimize customer effort at every step. We aim to make the entire purchase, service, claims, assistance, and renewal experience consistently effortless and caring. Our guiding principles are: speed, ease, real time, accessible, first time right but always with a human touch, especially for complex matters:

  • we will increase speed and efficiency by using Smart Automation to offer instant claims settlement, pay out and fast quotation;
  • we will offer real-time conversational channels (Whatsapp, Messenger, Chatbot etc.) or chabots will boost real-time engagement;
  • we want to be accessible 24/7 on one’s preferred channel, including the agent without bureaucracy.  New self-service options on the app and portal will allow to find & do anything customers want easily, will make access easier and drive “first time right” performance;
  • we will also continue to offer human support for clients with complex matters empowered by a 360 customer view.

These guiding principles will also ensure we offer a sustainable paperless & accessible experience fulfilling expectations of responsible consumers.
Our goal is to ensure customers interact with Generali in the easiest, fastest and most caring way.