Claims management

Claims event is the moment when we are committed to ensure empathy and care in contact, excellent service quality and attention to different customer needs while responding to the contractual promise.  

With around 9,500 people managing millions claims per year, we have defined the Group Claims Management Guideline, to ensure overall standards and coordination of the claims management activities in all countries in which we operate.  

Consistently with our Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth strategy, we foster a customer centric approach in managing claims, continuously working on monitoring and improving the claims journey by combining human touch, innovations and leveraging data and technology and whenever appropriate promoting usage of the green and sustainable solutions.  

Some of our activities in claims management are: 

  • Listening to our customers across the claims journey and acting upon received feedback, to remove pain points and ensure personalized, effortless and caring experience 

  • Engaging claims people in customer service processes for providing advice and support and encouraging paperless communication to protect environment 

  • Ensuring transparency by using simple language in our content or notifications 

  • Integrating new technologies to support fast and seamless claims experience and Increasing use of data and analytics to simplify our processes 

  • Promoting virtual interactions like remote counselling and assessment / inspection to increase our service level and reduce carbon footprint  

  • Developing distinctive new services to respond to the needs of customers, from prevention to claims management to post-claims handling 

Furthermore, to maintain excellent quality in the services delivered and to ensure integrity with regard to human and labour rights, the fight against corruption and respect for the environment, we ask the partners who work with us in the claims management and settlement sector to adopt the provisions of the Ethical Code for suppliers of the Generali Group.