Best Practices


Generali France customers found it difficult to get in touch with their commercial advisor. Also, to schedule meetings with them was also a challenge.

Upon the NPS customer feedback analysis, a cross functional working group consisting of employees from the customer relationship, organization, sales and distribution teams was set up to tackle the problem. The aim was to design a process where customers could contact customer service for help in making appointments. Ensuring delivery on the promise to make things easy for the customer was the main aim of the project.

Now, with the easy process in place and SMS reminder for booked meeting, customers are commenting positively on the accessibility of advisors. In just 3 months, over 660 meetings were organized and overall, 12% more positive feedbacks received.


Generali Austria customers was not happy about the amount of paper used in the sales process for signing. These customer feedbacks were one of the reasons to put strong focus on reducing the paper flood within the sales processes. In addition to customer frustration, the paper sales process was both slow and expensive, and it was inconvenient for agents to carry printers.

By analyzing customer feedback received via NPS program, team had a better understanding of the issue and found a simple solution. They introduced E-signature for both Smartphone and Tablet and the signature via portal.

The change was a success with 73% of positive customer feedback received. Advisors also praised the change. Upon implementation percentage of paperless contracts had grown to 92% of contracts in total.


Generali India Non-Life customers deserved increased communication and convenience during claim settlement process. By analysing the NPS customer feedback, team understood that the customers wanted to be well aware on the progress of the claim made and wanted the claim settlement process to be smooth, speedy and transparent.

To enhance customer experience, Generali India Non-Life mandated at least 4 comprehensive calls during claims life cycle to keep customers informed. Team also introduced video streaming based claims assessment - i-Viss to provide convenience to customers. To reduce turnaround time during claim settlement, usage of tablets among surveyors was increased. As an outcome of these efforts the NPS for Motor Claims rose from 28.1 in September 2017 to 72.8 in December 2018 and complaints reduced by 45%.