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          Group Policy for the Environment and Climate

          We finalised and adopted our new Group Policy for the Environment and Climate in 2014.

          The new policy replaces the former Generali Group Environmental Policy, which we updated to reflect the changes within the Group and externally in the five years since it was drawn up. In particular, these include a greater awareness of the risks and opportunities deriving from climate change.

          The policy reiterates Generali’s commitment to protecting the environment, as stated in the Code of Conduct, and sets out the guidelines underpinning our strategies and goals on environmental management in order to ensure:

          • protection of the environment;
          • prevention of pollution;
          • protection and conservation of biodiversity;
          • an appropriate response to the challenges posed by climate change.

          To implement the policy and pursue continuous improvements in environmental performance, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, the Generali Group has identified the following areas of intervention, along with specific indicators and targets:

          • reducing the business’s environmental impacts;
          • incorporating environmental and climate considerations into investment strategies;
          • promoting and increasing awareness of environmental and climate risks;
          • public engagement on climate;
          • disclosure and transparency.
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