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          Commitments to the environment and climate

          Commitments to the environment and climate

          We want to support the transition to a more sustainable economy and society and we have therefore adopted clear principles to guide our decisions:

          • limiting global warming and development of climate change adaptation strategies;
          • reduction in the consumption of natural resources;
          • pollution prevention and protection of biodiversity.

          We put these principles into practice by monitoring and reducing our direct impacts, linked to the Group's operational activities, and indirect impacts related to our products, services and investments. We also collaborate with governments and associations to promote the development of system solutions.

          In particular, we have identified the following areas of intervention, for which we have established specific indicators and targets to be achieved:

          • integration of environmental and climate aspects into insurance underwriting and investment strategies;
          • strengthening public awareness of environmental and climate risks by promoting dialogue between stakeholders;
          • reduction of environmental impacts generated by the Group's offices and by staff business travel;
          • transparency regarding our policies and reporting on the results achieved.

          The Generali Group Strategy on Climate Change, approved by Assicurazioni Generali's Board of Directors on the 21st of February 2018, is a key reference point for the Group: it provides an overview of the decisions taken to promote a fair and socially just transition to a low-emission economy. For further information refer to the climate change strategy press release.

          Following this resolution, we have defined measures detailing how the strategy is to be implemented in the core business activities of the Group. These management solutions are reviewed and updated periodically to verify their relevance and ensure their effectiveness. They are described in the technical note available below, together with the Climate-related Financial Disclosure, which describes the results achieved to date.

          Generali Group Strategy on Climate Change - Technical Note 477 kb  
          Climate-related Financial Disclosure 148 kb  

          In order to manage the risks and opportunities related to climate change and the green transition, we are implementing the following Strategy:

          Promote the development of the green economy

          • new green and sustainable investments amounting to €4.5 billion by 2021
          • increased product offering with environmental value for the retail market and small and medium enterprises
          • establishment of a competence center for the protection of risks inherent to the renewable energy sector

          Decarbonize the investments’ and clients’ portfolios

          • progressive decarbonization of the general account investment portfolio in order to reach climate neutrality by 2050, in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement
          • exclusion of new investments in businesses related to the coal and tar sand sectors and disinvestment of the residual exposure to these sectors
          • commitment not to increase the minimal insurance exposure to coal-related activities
          • exclusion of insurance coverage for assets of new customers in the coal industry and for the construction of mines or coal-fired power plants, continuation of the commitment not to underwrite customers in the tar sands sector

          Stakeholders’ engagement for the ‘Just Transition’

          • in countries where the economy and employment depend heavily on the coal sector, develop engagement activities and constant dialogue with issuers, customers and other stakeholders in order to facilitate the transition to low-emission activities and the adoption of protective measures for workers and the community
          • Transparency regarding the progress of the engagement activities and the implementation of the climate strategy through the Generali Group's Annual Integrated Reports and public reporting

          In our key areas of action, we are also delivering on:

          Reduce the emissions resulting from our operations

          • stable and structural reduction by 2020 of the greenhouse gas emissions related to the management of our offices and business travel by at least 20% compared to the base year 2013
          • increased purchases of electricity generated from renewable sources

          Promote green innovation in our financial management

          • issuing of green bonds to finance or refinance green projects such as improving the energy efficiency of the Group's real estate assets
          • definition of a framework for issuing Green Insurance Linked Securities, characterized by the investment of the collateral in assets with positive environmental impact and the allocation of the transferred capital to green initiatives