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          Claims management

          Claims management and settlement is a key stage of the relationship with our clients. It is the moment when the Group responds to its contractual promise. It is an area where we are committed to ensuring excellent service quality and attention to clients’ differing needs, contributing to prevention and value-added services beyond the core claims process.

          Claims management

          To guarantee the utmost quality we have defined the Group Claims Management Guideline, to coordinate the claims management activities in all countries in which we operate. This level of excellence is also guaranteed by a strong Community of Claims Leaders inside the Group, which meets regularly within the year, supported by Communities of Experts and Communities of Practice, that are actively and constantly involved in developing initiatives that are consistent with the Group Strategy.

          Consistently with the Lifetime Partner approach fostered by the Group, through the Claims: the Generali way framework we have pledged to improve the key areas of the claims management process to guarantee a service that is considered excellent by customers, distributors and the market, and that is supported by the best possible technical performances and efficiency level.

           To achieve this goal, we are committed to promoting a customer centric approach to claims management, and in particular to:

          • listening to our customers across the claims journey (also via T-NPS program) and acting upon received feedback, to remove pain points and ensure personalized, effortless and caring experience
          • developing distinctive new services to respond to the needs of customers, from prevention to claims management to post-claims handling
          • increasing the use of new technologies, with the support of data and image analysis, to simplify our processes, to promote digital & virtual interactions, including remote counselling and assessment / inspection, and increase our service level and efficiency
          • stepping up the fight against fraud through the adoption of ever more sophisticated tools, specialized staff training modules, targeted actions, and the systematic monitoring of processes
          • continuously improving the technical quality of claims management
          • cooperating with our employees, distributors, and partners, as key levers of customer engagement, to innovate and transform claims management.

          Furthermore, to maintain excellent quality in the services delivered and to ensure integrity with regard to human and labour rights, the fight against corruption and respect for the environment, we ask the partners who work with us in the claims management and settlement sector to adopt the provisions of the Ethical Code for suppliers of the Generali Group.



          Generali is continuously working on monitoring and improving the claims journey by combining human touch, innovations and leveraging data and technology.

          Since implementation of the T-NPS program in 2015, Group registered +27% promoters and -35% detractors, as a result of many actions taken across the claims journey.

          Typical examples of these actions across the Group are the following:  

          • Simplification and speed up of the claims processes (Robotics applications, AI-assisted processes etc.)
          • Improvement of the customer service and self-service options (mobile applications, web portals, chat bots etc.)
          • Encouraging virtual interactions with customers, distributors, and partners (selecting partners, uploading documents, remote appraisal etc.)
          • Boosting transparency and simple language (website content, notifications etc.)
          • Engaging claims people in customer service processes (providing advice, support etc.)