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          Green Bond Framework and Report

          Generali’s Green Bond Framework illustrates the commitment to Sustainability and highlights that Sustainability is becoming a focal point of the business. The Green Bond Framework outlines that the use of proceeds is governed by both green eligibility and ESG exclusion criteria, which are consistent with the Generali SRI Guidelines.

          The eligible categories include both Green Buildings and Green Infrastructure projects. Acquisition and financing of energy efficient buildings is a key focus considering that improving the energy efficiency of buildings is a tangible way to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, Generali is making significant investments to upgrade the energy efficiency of older buildings and retrofitting aimed at improving energy efficiency, both of which are also eligible investments under the Green Bond Framework.


          Generali Group announces the buyback of three series of subordinated notes for an amount up to €1 billion and launches its first green bond - Press Release 478 kb  
          Green Bond Framework 692 kb  
          Second Party Opinion by Sustainalytics 629 kb  

          The Green Bond Report will be released by mid-November 2020