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          Distributors: the value of our networks

          We operate through a multi-channel distribution strategy based on agents - our main network - financial advisors, brokers, direct channels (the internet and call centres, an area in which we are European leaders), and bancassurance agreements.

          We launched the Group Distribution Experience program to help the business units improve the effectiveness of the network through a simpler and smarter approach.

          In parallel with the NPS (Net Promoter Score) program for customers, we have created an NPS program to listen to the needs of distributors and identify areas of improvement, the Distributors R-NPS. We have also developed a structured feedback and sharing process with our main distribution partners, including agents, brokers, bancassurance, IFAs and MLMs.

          The program is currently active for 31 distribution channels in 20 Business Units.

          We have implemented 147 improvement actions at global level and we are also accelerating the process of identifying and improving critical areas, making this a strategic priority for all of our Business Units.

          In 23 Business Units we launched the first Global Agent Excellence Contest. Targeted at agents, this initiative aims to identify innovative local business approaches, taking advantage of technology, the social media and customer suggestions.

          Within our distribution networks, we have worked closely with our agents - who represent one of the Group’s biggest strengths - in order to improve the tools available to them and to further develop their skills, taking account of the evolution of customers and new digital interaction approaches.

          Digital Agent is a program designed to help our agents develop their distribution activities also through online, mobile and social channels.

          The program enables our agents to:

          • interact with customers through digital channels
          • be more closely connected with customers
          • respond more quickly
          • monitor and measure the services provided

          Agents are able to send emails and text messages, chat online with customers and launch campaigns on Google AdWords. Agents’ websites can be modified and customised to meet local needs and, thanks to real-time notifications, our distributors can intervene promptly also with activities tailored to individual customers. The project is under way in all our leading markets: web and mobile tools have already been implemented in Spain, and are being defined also in France, Austria, Argentina, Switzerland and Indonesia; social platforms have been implemented in Italy and Indonesia, are being introduced in the Czech Republic, and are planned for Vietnam and Switzerland.

          After successfully completing the largest integration plan in the insurance industry in Europe, Generali Italia has entered the second phase of development to become the market leader offering the best customer experience. The core of this new phase is based on the launch of a three-year simplification programme (2016-2018) which completely redefines the processes that have greatest impact on the relationship with customers and agents. The simplification plan was presented to 4,500 agents and consultants, gathered together for the first time in Rome following the completion of the integration process, on a day that also launched a new way of organising conventions.
          Semplicemente Generali Italia was a participatory event where the plenary session was followed by sharing and in-depth activities in 16 thematic areas and a series of meetings on the TED talks model. Simplification in customer relations and the creation of new simpler and faster processes enable the over 12,000 local insurance consultants to focus on analysing customer needs, developing custom solutions tailored to their habits and offering more innovative and accessible post-sales and assistance services.