Generali Group


          Listening to and satisfying customers

          We are committed to strengthening our brand and listening to our customers, and to measure their satisfaction we rely on two indicators: the RNPS (Relationship Net Promoted Score), measuring customers’ brand advocacy, and the TNPS (Transactional Net Promoter Score), measuring satisfaction at every key transactional moment.

          In line with our Generali strategy, we aim to become first choice in the Relationship Net Promoter Score among our European International peers by the end of 2021.

          Generali’s RNPS is rolled out in 26 markets and surveys asking customers to what extent they were likely to recommend the brand to friends, colleagues or family members are conducted every quarter. 

          In 2020, the RNPS grew by 6 points, thanks to a strong focus from all our business units in increasing the connection with the customers, leveraging on Customer Experience, Emotional Connection and Proposition drivers.

          As for Generali’s T-NPS, it was rolled out in January 2015 and has now reached more than 34 million customers in 64 business units. Based on our customer feedback, our business units implemented more than 1,300 improvements. These numbers demonstrate that the program is now well embedded in our daily operations.

          In 2020, the T-NPS Program registered +30% promoters and -38% detractors, as result of the actions taken.

          In 2019, the Generali T-NPS Group Program was recognised by Medallia - a leading management, consultancy and software company in the Customer Experience sphere - as the best NPS programme in the world.


          Listening to and satisfying customers