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          Listening to and satisfying customers

          In line with our strategy, we are committed to strengthening our brand to become 1st choice in in the Relationship Net Promoter Score among our European International peers by the end of 2021.

          In 2015 we launched the T-NPS Group Program which, based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, makes it possible to receive real time feedback from customers and to improve services on the basis of the problems identified. The programme is active in 62 business units. We have sent over 23 million questionnaires obtaining a high rate of response globally, showing the strong desire of our customers to actively participate. We have put in place over 1150 improvement actions which led to an impressive 22% increase in Promoters and 30% decrease in Detractors. In addition, we have engaged our people in this movement. Over 25,000 Generali employees receive customer feedback via their app or desktop each day.

          In 2019, the Generali T-NPS Group Program was recognised by Medallia - a leading management, consultancy and software company in the Customer Experience sphere - as the best NPS programme in the world.  

          Listening to and satisfying customers