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          Distributors: the value of our networks

          We operate through a multi-channel distribution strategy based on agents - our main network - financial advisors, brokers, direct channels (the internet and call centers, an area in which we are European leaders), and bancassurance agreements.

          In parallel with the NPS (Net Promoter Score) program for customers, we have created a Distribution NPS program to listen to the needs of distributors and identify areas of improvement. We have also developed a structured feedback and sharing process with our main distribution partners, including agents, brokers, bancassurance, IFAs and MLMs.

          The program is currently active for 58 distribution channels in 35 Business Units with over 115,000 Distribution NPS surveys sent.

          Through our Distribution NPS we have implemented numerous improvement actions at both global and local level and we are also accelerating the process of identifying and improving critical areas, making this a strategic priority for all of our Business Units.

          In the Best Practices below you can read about some of the structural improvements implemented by our Business Units to eradicate distribution pain points.

          In 25 Business Units we have launched the 3rd edition of the Global Agent Excellence Contest. This initiative aims to identify innovative local business approaches, digital adoption, social media and customer contact strategies.

          Within our distribution networks, we have worked closely with our agents - who represent one of the Group’s biggest strengths - in order to improve the tools available to them and to further develop their skills, taking account of the evolution of customers and new digital interaction approaches. For example, we have implemented gamification for both agent recruitment and onboarding.

          Our new strategy, Generali 2021, is based on this ambition, which clearly will not fade away in three years’ time – it will guide Generali’s success in the long term. Generali aims to be a Life-Time Partner to its customers, offering innovative and personalized solutions thanks to its unmatched distribution network. This transformation starts with our 155,000 agents.

          We want to shift the mindset to be proactive, relationship based and integrate Protection, Prevention and Assistance, tailored to our customers’ needs. To do this, we must appeal to our clients’ rational side (their head) as well as their emotional side (their heart). That makes Life-Time partner truly distinctive. Our agents are at the forefront of this transformation.

          Our goal is to create an army of advisors with the right digital tools, training and mindset to become true life-time partners.

          This is known as Agent Hub.

          Agents provide the human touch that will make the difference in creating a long-term relationship with our clients. To deliver on our promise to be a life-time partner to our customers. In Agent Hub we will equip our agents with a commercial dashboard that features:

          • a 360° view of the customer, consolidating all products and past interactions.
          • needs-based assessment tools to advise clients based on their Life Stage.
          • the ability to directly engage with customers via social & digital channels.
          • campaign management tools to allow Generali to manage the roll out of new solutions.

          Agent Hub will remove numerous administrative tasks like paper-based contracts, cumbersome renewal processes and allow agents to focus on what they do best: build relationships, advise and sell.