Generali Group's Academy starts off in Trieste

15 May 2014 - 18:56

Cooperation agreement signed with the University of Trieste; Pilot Program on “Technical Excellence” to begin

Trieste. The Generali Group Academy, created to offer technical education of excellence, as well as global programs of leadership and Group talents development, starts off.

The Group CEO Mario Greco and the Rector Maurizio Fermeglia signed the Framework Convention between Generali and the University today at the City Hall of Trieste, before the mayor Roberto Cosolini. The partnership for the high technical education of its international managers is the first step of an articulate set of management development and professional update initiatives that the Generali Group is about to launch by opening the new Group Academy in Trieste.

The Generali Group CEO Mario Greco stated: “The creation of the Academy has an important meaning for Generali in the light of the deep transformation process the Group is undertaking. The Academy will have the fundamental role of creating the new leader generation and accelerating the cultural and business transformation of Generali. The choice of opening it in Trieste testifies to the importance of the city for Generali. Trieste will become Generali’s hub for training our leaders and our best talents worldwide. The first educational activity starts with the Technical Excellence Pilot Program and testifies to the deep-rooted cooperation between Generali and the University, which, thanks to the high expertise of the economics, mathematics and statistics departments, provides us with a unique resource for an education of excellence”.

The Academy will be the driving force for the Group’s internal training with technical excellence courses - the first ones to start off - and specific courses on leadership and management, which will follow shortly.

The University of Trieste has been chosen, along with other prestigious international institutions, as partner for the technical refresher and professional development courses dedicated to all the talents and the top managers of the Group.

The “Technical Excellence” 2014 Pilot Program, which will start off mid-May, will engage around 400 people of the Group, coming from all over the world and from all professional sectors (Life, P&C, Risk Management, Finance), with about 30 courses, workshops and forums that aim at developing and strengthening key competences for the Group’s strategy.

The Rector Maurizio Fermeglia stated: “The University of Trieste has always committed itself to trying to convey knowledge and technologies outside the academic field, also through the creation of strong relations with local communities to favour an increasingly booming growth of the territory. This project with the Generali Group complies perfectly with our international development strategy and it is an honour to contribute to such a stimulating project with our wide experience in education of excellence. I am sure this will be a long-lasting and successful joint-venture”.

In addition to technical education, in June the Group Academy will also start off leadership programmes which will involve more than 200 Group global leaders. Teachers, coaches and experts will soon arrive in Trieste and their presence will be more significant and stable from 2015 on, when the Academy, “home” of the management training and development activities for the entire Generali Group, will be operative in Trieste.