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          With Generali, the La Fenice Theatre opens its doors to the video-art performance by Fabrizio Plessi

          Fenix DNA is the experimental performance through which Fabrizio Plessi, known and appreciated worldwide as one of the founding fathers of videoart, pays tribute to the La Fenice Theatre in Venice and shows its antique DNA, thanks to an initiative sponsored by Generali Italia through the programme Valore Cultura. The elements of water and fire have always taken centre stage in Plessi’s artistic research. This time he has turned La Fenice into a digital arena, featuring the 200 moulds – which have never been exhibited before – designed and carved by Venetian Guerrino Lovato. These were the prototypes of the moulds of sculptures and ornamental bas-reliefs which were originally located in the vaults of the theatre, destroyed by a terrible fire in 1996. The moulds, symbolizing capitals, barbicans, children’s heads, masks and grotesque shapes, are positioned in the stalls and represent what Plessi describes as “the labyrinth of reason”.

          Philippe Donnet, Generali Group CEO, commented: “Venice is deeply rooted in the history of Generali dating back to its origins, and the relation with the La Fenice Theatre, of whom Generali Italia is a sponsoring partner, is one of the most important examples. In fact, as its insurer, Generali was in charge of its reconstruction after the two fires that completely destroyed it in 1836 and in 1996. As a result, we are strongly tied to the story of rebirth of this theatre and to the city hosting it. We are, therefore, naturally captivated and fascinated by an artist such as Fabrizio Plessi, who has turned Venice into a key element of his tale: a tale that uses natural elements as a symbol of regeneration and is described by creating new languages. With the programme Valore Cultura in Italy, Generali aims at protecting the cultural roots of the community while incentivizing growth and innovation”.

          Generali, with offices located in the Procuratie dating back to when it first began, supports the La Fenice Theatre, Cini Foundation and Palazzo Cini, along with the restoration project of the Royal Gardens in Saint Mark’s Square. Its role as patron of the arts is manifested in an innovative way, its objective is that of sharing a unique heritage with the community in which it operates and are confident that safeguarding and promoting culture will encourage growth and development.

          The artistic performance Fenix DNA by Fabrizio Plessi is open to public until August 6, 2017.