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          Shares history 2000

          At its meeting on 16 December 1999, the Board of Directors of “Assicurazioni Generali Società per Azioni” voted:

          1. omitted…the extraordinary allocation of profits to employees…omitted;
          2. accordingly, to increase the company’s share capital by ITL 142,000,000 (one hundred forty-two million), and therefore to ITL 2,051,993,000,000 (two thousand fifty-one billion nine hundred ninety-three million), by issuing 71,000 (seventy-one thousand) new shares with a nominal value of ITL 2,000 (two thousand). The increase shall be carried out as follows:
            1. capitalisation of a total of ITL 142,000,000 (one hundred forty-two million), including ITL 96,000,000 (ninety-six million) from the Share Allocation Reserve established in accordance with Article 2349 of the Italian Civil Code and ITL 46,000,000 (forty-six million) from the Extraordinary Reserve;
            2. bonus issue of 71,000 (seventy-one thousand) ordinary shares with the same formal characteristics as the shares already outstanding, transfer procedures and shareholders’ rights to assign their shares to the parties indicated in point 5-a, below, according to the terms and procedures specified in the same point 5;
            3. dividend rights of the new shares effective as of 1 January 1999; the shares shall be issued with coupons No. 8 onwards.


          1. - a) the recipients shall be Executives of “Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.” employed as of 1 December 1999.