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Global Corporate & Commercial, insurance services for medium and large companies at international level

Today’s commercial world is an increasingly global, complex, volatile and unpredictable place. Recognized operating risks are compounded by new and even unknown threats, any of which could seriously impact the long-term growth and success of corporations.


The risk of not knowing or evaluating major exposures which could have a significant impact on their business is a key concern. Clients want insurers to think more about enhancing their business, helping them to succeed so that they are able to plan for the future with confidence and continue to operate despite any potential disruption.


Generali Global Corporate & Commercial is the Generali Group unit that manages the Property & Casualty business and other insurance services for mid to large size businesses. It offers complete insurance solutions to clients and brokers in over 140 countries through eight main offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas. With a global network of more than 1000 dedicated professionals and more than 100 risk control engineers, Generali Global Corporate & Commercial has an integrated offering of insurance solutions from property and casualty to engineering, marine, aviation and financial risks. Generali enjoys a leadership position in construction insurance worldwide thanks to its over 50 years of expertise in this segment.

Side by side with the futurebuilders