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          In order to overcome the barriers that may prevent the participation of some shareholders in the General Meeting, Generali has launched, since 2016, the Shareholders' Meeting Extended Inclusion (SMEI) programme. Supported by the enthusiasm and dedication of the volunteers of our Group, the SMEI programme has developed over time, through the provision of a growing number of services, always oriented towards the inclusion of all shareholders with respect to that central moment in the life of the Company that is the Annual General Meeting.

          Aware of the importance of offering specialized services, Generali relies on the support of highly qualified professionals and external collaborators, such as the social and healthcare workers in charge of assistance throughout the assembly, the mediators and interpreters of the National Agency for the Deaf (ENS). The activity integrates with the provision of various mobility aids, including wheelchairs and ergonomic cushions. Professionals are supported with great effectiveness and enthusiasm by the volunteers of the Generali Group, a fundamental pillar of the program. Generali strongly believes in the value that volunteers bring to the shareholder assistance program and, at the same time, in the precious wealth of knowledge, skills and sensitivity that participation in SMEI can give to the people of Generali.


          The health and regulatory context of General Meetings held exclusively through the Designated Representative, unfortunately, caused to suspend the activities of the programme in 2020. Due to the regulatory framework, aimed at containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and the ongoing emergency, the Company has decided for this year’s Meeting as well to take advantage of the option, established by the Law Decree of 17th March 2020, to provide in the notice of call that the participation of those entitled to vote in the Shareholders' Meeting takes place exclusively through the Designated Representative, that is, without physical participation by the shareholders, pursuant to art. 135-undecies Legislative Decree No. 58/1998 (CLFI).

          Services offered within the programme

          On the occasion of the Shareholders' Meeting of 29th April 2021, however, Generali's attention to all its shareholders finds a new expression with an important service, the video live streaming of the meeting proceedings in Italian sign language (LIS) and with subtitles in Italian, thus extending the possibility of easily attending this fundamental moment of institutional communication to an ever wider audience of shareholders.

          For further information and / or clarification, the team of the Shareholders' Meeting Extended Inclusion Programme is available to the following contacts:

          Mail-box of the program



          Supervisor: Michele Colla



          Coordinator: Francesco Saltarin

          Tel. +39 040 6799138


          Coordinator: Marta Dalla Vecchia 

          Tel. +39 040 6799157

          ENS (Ente Nazionale Sordi – National Agency for the Deaf) telephone number for the Annual General Meeting
          Tel +39 3285781351



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