Generali Group

          28 Jun 21
          Apr, 2021

          190 Story Makers: Your Stories, our History

          The most appreciated 190 stories are available on the 190 Story Makers website, together with the contributions of our Group and local top managers.

          Generali People are the pumping heart of this Company – those who have built Generali’s history with innate passion and deep-rooted commitment since 1831, contributing to a heritage to be proud of and to making our Lifetime Partner Ambition a reality every single day.

          In celebrating 190 years of Generali, we also want to celebrate 190 years of our People: that is why we have asked our employees to share their stories of passion, commitment, ability to innovate and care for others, be it team members or the community we belong to.

          Starting from June 25, the most appreciated 190 stories are public on the 190 Story Makers website, and also available to be shared externally. In addition to the 190 Lions’ stories, the contributions of our Group and local top managers can also be read on the platform. By sharing their professional and human experience, they are an inspiration for our own journey and show that we are all on this common path together!

          We’re glad to say that the 190 Story Makers initiative has seen the enthusiastic participation of many of our colleagues from all over the world. The 190 Lions will be the special ambassadors of our 190th anniversary, with an active role in promoting the celebrations. 

          Do not miss the chance to be inspired by our 190 Lions! Visit – read, like, share!