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    Supporting our communities

    Supporting our communities

    One of Generali’s  values is to live the community beyond our day-to-day business. We are committed to acting strategically, mobilising all the group's skills, resources and networks to tackle society's most pressing challenges Throughout the communities where we operate, we work in partnership, collaborating with public and private organisations to improve the social, cultural and environmental conditions of our society.

    This is what we see as the role of business in society today. Government cannot tackle all the challenges in our societies alone. Companies have a vital role to play.

    Supporting our communities

    As insurers, thinking long-term is in our DNA. We are deeply aware of the long-term social and demographic trends that shape people's lives. Through The Human Safety Net, our new flagship initiative for the community, we are focused on three socio-demographic issues: 

    • Social mobility, through The Human Safety Net for Families
    • Migration, through The Human Safety Net for Refugee Start-Ups
    • Childhood mortality, through The Human Safety Net for Newborns

    We aspire to focus on these trends and speak with one voice worldwide. Because, as our CEO Philippe Donnet explains, "Together we can achieve something big and great".

    Our business cannot develop without strong relationships with the communities where we and our customers live and work. Our task of providing protection to our customers depends heavily on the circumstances of the locations where we are active: it is deeply connected to the risk culture, to the lifestyles, to the civic-mindedness and to health education of our local communities; in short, it depends on the degree to which the goals of protecting the social and environmental systems are a common shared effort.

    Finally, enhancing the social and economic conditions of our communities can create more productive ecosystems for our operations as well as new markets for our products: the more our communities are inclusive and the fairer the resources are distributed, the more probable that insurance protection will spread. This way, our community investments can create shared value.

    Even though this strategic thinking drives our commitments as a corporate citizen, we recognize that we can also benefit from advantages in the short run, including an increase of our brand visibility and of our company reputation.