Action areas

Through The Human Safety Net, Generali is taking a different approach to some of the world’s biggest socio-demographic challenges. Together as a Group, we are committing the majority of our philanthropic resources to three programmes:

  • For Families: promoting equal life chances for disadvantaged children
  • For Refugee Start-Ups: empowering refugees to become successful entrepreneurs
  • For Newborns: saving babies from a birth accident called asphyxia

Programmes were identified through a call for proposals among Group employees.

Responding to local needs, individual companies will continue to dedicate resources and make charitable contributions to a wide range of causes.

  • Education
  • Health
    • initiatives regarding education/raising awareness, and projects for improving road safety (signs, road surfaces, lighting, etc.), as well as activities for supporting people who suffer accidents.
  • Economic Development
  • Environment
  • Arts and Culture [including Heritage]
  • Social Welfare
  • Emergency Relief
    • In case of catastrophic events such as floods and earthquakes, we act as insurers, by setting up dedicated channels and preferential procedures for the claims settlement, and we also provide financial and material help to the populations affected.