The second phase of our advertising campaign celebrates Generali’s brand

Generali’s new campaign positions the Group at the frontline of efforts to find solutions and develop new approaches based on knowledge, expertise and, above all, humanity

In Generali, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Through our Values and Lifetime Partner Behaviours and Hallmarks, we innovate, simplify, tailor, take ownership, and above all, provide a unique human and caring experience.

Such uniqueness is embedded in our attitude and the spirit that defines how we do things: it is about having heart, being passionate and human. It is about going further, being dynamic and empathic, taking the time to know our customers, to offer valuable advice, with a long-term perspective and multi-stakeholder approach, instead of focusing on selling policies.

The Generali brand campaign follows a first phase focused on celebrating and empowering our 155,000 plus agents who embody the true meaning of Lifetime Partner, as they relentlessly provide relevant ongoing advice and customised products and services to customers, while a third phase will be centred around key Generali Propositions in 2021.

Ownership, Simplification, Human Touch and Innovation: these are the Lifetime Partner Behaviours underpinning our attitude. This is the dynamic, contemporary and fresh approach we deliver our Customers every day – the way each of us act as a Lifetime Partner.