Generali Vitality: now available in Austria

Generali Vitality: now available in Austria

Generali Vitality, the innovative health and prevention programme, is now available in Austria. Starting from October 2017, Austrians can join the Generali Vitality programme and earn benefits depending on their personal health and wellbeing objectives.

In Austria Generali Vitality is a stand-alone service not connected with an insurance product that addresses growing health awareness and wellbeing trends. An existing insurance contract is not required, but reduces the costs for the membership.

The programme motivates members to live a healthier life by offering rewards in the form of bonuses and reductions along the way to a healthier life. It gives Austrians the ability to improve their health via short-term achievable goals, where every step counts. Attractive companies – such as Adidas, Expedia, Amazon and Injoy – were selected as Generali Vitality partners. Generali Vitality was presented to the sales force on 28 August in Salzburg who has been using the programme since then.

Austria provides a huge market potential for Generali Vitality: like in other European countries, the market of health-conscious and fitness-oriented customers is steadily growing. The most common chronic diseases that are caused by poor lifestyle choices contribute to 72% of deaths in Austria.
Generali Vitality helps people to make the right health choices: following a healthier diet, doing regular exercises and not smoking can result in essential improvements in health outcomes.

Generali Vitality has already gained great success in Germany and France and will be available in other countries in the future.

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