Generali Spain takes care of people's health with an innovative campaign

Generali is committed every day to protect and to improve people's lives, with the aim of becoming a concrete Lifetime partner, and outlines these purposes also by taking care of health and by promoting prevention.


Precisely in this spirit, Generali Spain has launched a campaign in collaboration with SEOM (Spanish Medical Oncology Society): in fact, in the summertime, chronic exposure to sunlight without proper shielding remains one of the most underrated risks, which can lead to the formation of melanomas. Melanomas are the most aggressive form of skin cancer. Prevention and early detection are crucial, raising the survival rate from 10% to 80%.

Generali Spain and SEOM have therefore created the "Melanoma Summer Collection" swimwear set which, instead of the usual identical dots, shows prints with the various forms of true types of melanoma.

Not only that: on each swimwear, you can find a tag explaining a simple and effective clinical rule. Hence – thanks to this initiative that reminds us about the importance of monitoring our skin – those who wear a swimwear from the collection can easily prevent melanoma. You just need to compare the moles with the prints and to apply the indications of the "ABCDE" rule, that is to check the asymmetries, the irregularities of the edge, the inhomogeneity of the color, the diameter (it must not be longer than 6 mm) and the evolution of the moles themselves.


Generali Spain is actively involved in prevention and early detection and, through this original idea, it wants to spread awareness about their importance. Furthermore, after signing an agreement with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, Generali Spain will continue its commitment by providing lifesaving material to lifeguards on 320 Iberian beaches.


For further information visit the website of the campaign.

Generali Spain takes care of people's health with an innovative campaign