Barcolana: on the wings of the Bora

More than 1,750 sailboats have coloured the Gulf of Trieste in the 48th edition of the “Coppa d’Autunno” Barcolana, the most crowded sailing regatta of the Mediterranean Sea. Since 1969, the Barcolana has been hosting professional and amateur sailors in a great celebration of the sea, mixing together sport, environment, fun and a fair competition. Generali has been supporting the event for over thirty years, together with thousands of enthusiasts from all over Europe. This year, Generali, main sponsor, decided to celebrate the Bora, one of the most famous and fierce winds in Italy, explaining its features and also exploring the relationship with the local community through initiatives addressed to children. The Bora itself has caused the delay of the regatta, thus allowing all the ships, the big and the small ones, to race safely." con "The regatta way delayed because of the Bora in order to allow all the ships, the big and the small ones, to race safely. Alfa Romeo was the first team to reach the finish line, in just 59 minutes and 59 seconds, at the end of a challenge with Maxi Jena which lasted until the third turning point. The Chairman of Generali, Gabriele Galateri di Genola, attended the regatta. “Once again the Barcolana has moved us intensely – he said – and all the elements that make the regatta a success were fulfilled: a fantastic wind, fast boats, an enchanting nature and an extraordinary attendance at sea and at land”.

Barcolana: on the wings of the Bora - Barcolana: on the wings of the Bora

Here below some images from the event

Photo credit: Giuliano Koren Photo credit: Barcolana/studio Borlenghi