Shares history 1991

The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of 1 July 1991 voted: to increase the company’s share capital from ITL 1,166,000,000,000 (one thousand one hundred sixty-six billion) to ITL 1,457,500,000,000 (one thousand four hundred fifty-seven billion five hundred million) by issuing 145,750,000 (one hundred forty-five million seven hundred fifty thousand) shares with a nominal value of ITL 2,000 (two thousand), at a price of ITL 12,000 (twelve thousand) each, including a premium of ITL 10,000 (ten thousand), to be used for 145,750,000 (one hundred forty-five million seven hundred fifty thousand) Assicurazioni Generali warrants – “Assicurazioni Generali Warrant Rules – 1991-2001” – issued by the Company and subscribed by a Consortium established for the purpose pursuant to and for the purposes of paragraph 7 of Article 2441 of the Italian Civil Code. The warrants shall be offered to shareholders (in the proportion of one warrant for every four shares held) by the Consortium established and managed by Mediobanca, which subscribed to the warrants on 6 November 1991 as well as the ordinary shares reserved for the exercise thereof. Warrant-holders can request to exercise their warrants by purchasing Assicurazioni Generali shares in the proportion of one share for each warrant held. The exercise of warrants may be requested:

  1. at the time of their purchase against payment of an additional ITL 6,000;
  2. subsequent to purchase, until 30 April 2001 or a different date specified in Article 8 of the Warrant Rules for the “Assicurazioni Generali 1991-2001” warrants, against payment of the amount established in Article 5 of the same Warrant Rules.

The rights relating to the capital increase (represented by coupon 14 of the share certificates and purchase coupons) were listed on all the Stock Exchanges and exercised from 17 September to 21 October 1991.