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          Goals and results

          Based on the results achieved in 2017, we have confirmed the financial targets for the period 2015-2018: over €7 billion in cash generation, more than €5 billion in dividends and an Operating RoE of over 13%.

          FINANCIAL TARGETS 2015-2018

          We aim to achieve our targets by following six strategic pillars, with clearly defined KPIs, as listed below together with the status of implementation at June 2018.


          At least €1bn cash proceeds from disposals Achieved
          • Signed deals worth about €1.5 bn
          Rationalise the operating machine €200m net reduction in nominal operating expenses in mature markets Achieved
          • Achieved as of year-end 2017
          Enhance technical capabilities Best Combined Ratio, further improve performance vs. peers On target
          • 92% in 1H18, improved by 0.8p.p. vs. 1H17
          Guarantees maximum 0% on new traditional business On target
          • 14bps at 1H18 (-11bps vs. 1H17), 1bp in Euro-area


          Rebalance our portfolio 30bps reduction of avg. portfolio guarantee to 1.5% Achieved
          • 1.39% at 1H18, -42bps over the plan period (20bps impact of the agreement on Generali Leben and the geographical optimization program)
          +6p.p. capital light reserves as % of total Achieved
          • +8.4p.p. shift to capital-light reserves (3.2p.p. impact of the agreement on Generali Leben and the geographical optimization program)
          €150m additional net result from Asset Management in 2020 On target
          • €36m additional net result from AM in 1H18 vs. 1H16
          Customer & distributor innovation +2p.p. increase in retention On target
          • 90% of customers covered by NPS program, with NPS metrics improving
          • Other programs: Mobile Hub, Distributors NPS, Digital Agent…
          Strengthen the brand +3% mature market brand preference Acceleration plan activated
          • Innovative marketing solutions
          • Important deal with DVAG in Germany to distribute Generali brand exclusively



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