Professionals - Insurance Adjusters and Trustees

Data processing purposes: to ensure the management of existing relations with our Company as collaborators also from an administrative and accounting point of view, and to fulfil any obligations under community rules, regulations and legislation, or provided by data protection and control Bodies and/or Authorities.

Data origin: personal data may be provided directly by Data Subjects or other entities (e.g. thematic and sector databases, Internet, relevant professional bodies etc.).

Processed data types: common personal data.

Scope of communication: personal data can be communicated to entities included in the so-called “insurance chain”: agents, subagents, selling agents, insurance brokers; insurers, coinsurers and reinsurers; lawyers, insurance adjusters, car-repair garages, car scrap yards, health facilities and other service providers operating within the national health service. Such data can also be communicated to Group companies and to other outsourcers carrying out claim management, claim settlement, administrative, IT, computerised, financial, archiving, mail printing, incoming and outgoing mail sorting and auditing services on our behalf. It is also mandatory to communicate data to other public and private entities such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Revenue Agency), Inail, the National Social Security Institute and agents for the collection of duties.

Scope of dissemination: the Company does not disseminate any personal data.