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          Purchasing procedures

          To generate a long-lasting competitive advantage in terms of service, quality, costs and social and environmental responsibility, we aim to foster a system of efficient management of purchasing procedures.

          Accordingly, we identify and use the most reliable suppliers that can provide high quality products and services to the group within the constraints of Generali’s social and environmental guidelines.

          We identify and select suppliers worldwide through a series of clear, precise and non-discriminatory procedures, using parameters that are objective, well-documented and transparent, and based on the quality of the products and services offered. In doing so, we also take into account compliance with international ethical principles on labour and human rights, as well as the environmental impact of approaches to production and supply.


          The accreditation of suppliers in the main countries in which we operate takes place via a computer platform (Suppliers Portal). This process allows suppliers to enter their business details and to view and sign Generali group documents. At this stage, we ask suppliers to complete a series of questionnaires to verify their credentials; information required includes whether the supplier is in possession of environmental and social certification, and whether they have an environmental policy, or participate in any initiatives that focus on safeguarding the environment.

          To encourage suppliers to adopt socially responsible, sustainable behaviour, during the selection process we favour those with social and environmental certifications or policies. In particular, the introduction of environmental factors in the assessment of our suppliers is in line with the objectives set out in the Generali Group Policy for the Environmental and Climate.

          We give each supplier in the Suppliers Portal a qualification score and, where necessary, evaluate them on the basis of service and quality indices. We then combine these metrics to determine whether or not the supplier remains on the approved list. Qualified suppliers under these standards can participate in the procurement process and we can select them to provide their services or goods to the group.

          We follow Green Procurement standards when buying in goods and services, choosing those that have a lower impact on human health and the environment when compared to other products and services used for the same purpose.

          To promote green purchasing behaviour across all the countries in which we operate, we have launched a process involving all suppliers and purchase representatives with the aim of:

          • Providing guidelines and methodological support for the introduction of green procurement criteria
          • Applying environmental assessment and qualification criteria
          • Encouraging good conduct
          • Recognising efforts made and results achieved, encouraging the adoption of further sustainable practices
          • Rewarding the most enthusiastic suppliers and employees, and those that have actively supported the group's decisions.

          In addition, in some cases during the supplier selection process and when making purchasing decisions, we favour cooperatives or organisations with a social purpose, in order to support their efforts in providing assistance to disadvantaged people.