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          Work-life balance

          To safeguard work commitments and reconcile them with the needs of the family, our personnel can take advantage of flexible working hours, part-time work, working time account, parental leave and company crèches for employees’ children.

          We are testing and implementing in several Group companies smart working initiatives a new managerial philosophy based on greater flexibility and autonomy when choosing how to work, resulting in increased empowerment with regard to results.

          With variations between countries, we give employees paid leave provided for by law, national collective agreements and supplementary company contracts for the following:

          • marriage
          • death of a family member
          • pregnancy
          • breastfeeding for new mothers
          • maternity/paternity leave
          • a child’s illness
          • medical appointments and clinical tests
          • study and exams
          • care for disabled relatives

          For additional flexibility, in line with the company’s organizational requirements, we also grant paid leave and/or recovery leave. Extended leave (unpaid) of up to 12 months can be given for personal or family reasons with legitimate grounds.

          We received awards in a number of countries for our human resources management policy:



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