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          How we guarantee the well-being

          We guarantee working conditions in line with current health and safety legislation, with a particular focus on pregnant women, mothers and workers with disabilities.


          In 2015 Generali France has signed many collective agreements, shaping the New Social Contract (NCS). By proposing more flexibility in the organization of the working time by reducing the fatigue (eg fewer time in the transport with the telecommuting), by improving their comfort in the everyday life by new workspaces, Generali France wishes to improve the quality of working conditions of its employees. Generali France also set up various services to facilitate the life of its employees. For example, concierge service are present in the differents buildings of the site of Saint-Denis enabling to have access to an optician or to get back small parcel post delivered at work.


          In order to tangibly respond to the requirements expressed in the Global Engagement Survey, in 2017 Generali Country Italia once again pursued a series of initiatives designed to improve the wellbeing of its employees. Four energy dimensions were identified:

          1. Physical Energy: represents lifestyle, beginning with diets and going right through to physical exercise and sleep
          2. Mental Energy: helps ensure high levels of motivation and concentration, personal confidence, desire and productivity
          3. Emotional Energy: generates a positive commitment to work and interpersonal relationships
          4. Value Energy: gives meaning to what people are doing, what happens around them and their aspirations

          The key to making improvements is knowledge. Thanks to the identification of these four areas Generali Italia proposes Corporate Wellness ideas to its people which begin with the exploration of themselves and their energies, offering one of the most advanced welfare programmes in terms of its comprehensiveness, range and innovation. To make these opportunities more accessible, the Stai Benefit portal was developed in 2017, a place where all employees can find the contractual and extra-contractual benefits that are available to them.


          In Argentina, through the Bien-Estar Caja program, we try to improve the lives of our employees by encouraging healthier lifestyles, for example by promoting breaks that stimulate the movement, giving information on nutrition and suggestions on how to prevent work-related stress. The programme also includes a nutritional clinic within the local office. In 2017, a monitoring plan was launched for employees who want to improve and regularize their nutritional habits and a specific path for those who would like to quit smoking. "Active Pause" was encouraged through workshops, courses and awareness campaigns. Discussions on health and prevention at work have been promoted and communication campaigns have been spread via the corporate intranet.