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    How we guarantee the well-being

    We guarantee working conditions in line with current health and safety legislation, with a particular focus on pregnant women, mothers and workers with disabilities.

    In Argentina the well-being programme Bien-Estar Caja that seeks to improve the lives of our people through the adoption of healthier habits continued: active breaks while at work such as going out for walks, nutritional information and suggestions on how to reduce work-related stress. The programme also includes a nutritional clinic inside the Group. During 2016 we organised several personal interviews at our offices and in an auditorium on the themes of self-awareness, the management of emotions in times of stress, meditation techniques, motivation and selfesteem. A training course was also developed on risk management methods associated with Dengue fever. On the Breast Cancer International Day, we organised a conference on the topic and invited employees to take pictures with a sign containing a message of solidarity.

    In Italy we promoted corporate wellness initiatives to improve the quality of life of our people through: running or fit walking paths with the guidance of qualified trainers, multifunctional nursing centres for medical assistance at several company locations with medical staff providing check-ups and first aid care. In 2016 we launched the Energy programme to support colleagues in adopting sustainable lifestyles through initiatives aimed at nutritional prevention and education. 3,500 colleagues took part in the 5 meetings of the wellness programmes attended by nutritional experts. Our integrated approach to welfare, making us a benchmark in the Italian market,includes:

    • Engagement Training, a training programme for over 1,200 in-house professionals to offer managers engagement and motivation tools for their staff
    • Hackathon and Design Thinking, teams of colleagues that work on new ideas and innovate with a view to proposing tangible business solutions in a short period of time
    • English Club, English speaking sessions outside work hours: an opportunity to converse in English with colleagues and English native teachers during informal, non-work meetings
    • Storytelling Club, a series of lessons to learn highly innovative composition, narrative and editing techniques from professional writers
    • Video making Club, meetings for learning how to talk about a typical day quickly and effectively through videos.

    To improve our people’s wellbeing, in Spain we set up assessment, communication and anti-stress courses, an online course for directors and managers regarding active participation in teamwork and a laboratory to solve back pain problems. In addition: physiotherapy sessions, a mobility and road safety platform, a workshop on safe driving with an educational game on road safety, a sheet to check tread wear levels, and a workshop to prevent voice illnesses conducted by speech therapists. In 2016 we adopted a flexible schedule for those returning to work after a long illness, for persons with disabilities and for pregnant women.