MAP2theNew: Elevating Business Performance and Engagement

MAP2theNew is in line with the innovation/digital transformation undertaken by the Group and the development of "New Skills" linked to the evolution of cultural and business models. Also, 2021 Generali Global Engagement Survey shows 5 p.p. increase in “supervision” dimension. Ca. 85% of respondents say managers communicate and manage team activities effectively, even remotely (+7 p.p. 2021 vs 2019). Thanks to Map2theNew, the management population resulted 4 p.p. more engaged than Group average and showed 7 p.p. more appreciation for career, training and development than Group average. MAP2theNew has been beneficial in ensuring elevated business performance even during the adoption of hybrid working model. As for the Pulse Survey 2022, 86% of respondents recognize the manager’s ability to support/maintain team alignment. Also, in this post-pandemic, 96% of respondents believe that their team’s performance has either improved or remained consistent, without recording any negative impacts.