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The Generali Group Code of Conduct – approved by the Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A  Board of Directors on 14 December 2012 – is our reference text and we ask for it to be put into practice and followed as a matter of course, not only to improve our working relationships, but also to strengthen our employees’ sense of belonging, in addition to strengthening our Group's appeal for those who share the same principles.

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As such, our Code of Conduct is a point of reference for our consultants, suppliers, agents, etc. and this is why we have chosen to translate it into the languages of all the countries in which we operate. Please find below the translations of the Code of Conduct applicable in the countries where the Group operates:

Our Code sets out the behaviour that must be adopted, and provides specific guidance on conduct relating to: the promotion of diversity and inclusion, protection of company assets, prevention of conflicts of interest, corruption and bribery, financial reporting and handling of confidential information, money laundering, terrorist financing and international sanctions.

We guarantee the utmost confidentiality and we protect anyone against unfair action or retaliation who has reported ethical doubts in good faith or who has worked on investigations launched following the reporting of an allegation.  Retaliation is viewed as a violation of our Code and is punished with sanctions that, in the most serious cases, may involve the termination of the employment relationship.  In addition to these safeguards, where permitted by law, we also investigate anonymous allegations.

In 2015,  311 allegations were made via our helpline, of which 72 have been found to be valid so far leading to the adoption of disciplinary measures, dismissal or the termination of contracts, depending on the party involved (employee/business partner) and the severity of the event. Specifically, 39 allegations related to discrimination and similar, 186 to instances of corruption (including fraud, embezzlement, bribes and conflicts of interest), and 86 to other issues.

A small number of instances of fraud committed by employees or business partners of Group companies were detected and managed in different ways.

Reporting of concerns

We encourage people to report any concerns about anything they consider to be in breach of our Code:

  • by post: Group Compliance - Business Integrity - Piazza Cordusio 2, 20123 Milan.
  • by freephone numbers or web forms for all the countries we operate in via

For detailed information on how concerns are handled see the Process on managing reported concerns


  • 49,358 employees have completed the Code of Conduct course in 2015
  • Special workshops dedicated to the fight against terrorism which were attended by the compliance departments of the companies of Central and Eastern Europe and the countries belonging to EMEA, Asia and the Americas
  • To be launched in 2016: refresher course for employees who took the introductory more than a year ago; specific training course for employees that work in at-risk areas


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