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Relevant parties and persons closely associated with relevant parties, as defined by applicable regulations, must disclose the shares they own and transactions worth more than 5,000 euros made during one calendar year.

Relevant parties

Relevant parties of Assicurazioni Generali are:

  • Directors: Gabriele Galateri Di Genola, Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone, Clemente Rebecchini, Philippe Donnet, Romolo Bardin, Ornella Barra, Paolo Di Benedetto, Alberta Figari, Diva Moriani, Lorenzo Pellicioli, Roberto Perotti, Sabrina Pucci and Paola Sapienza.
  • Permanent statutory auditors: Carolyn Dittmeier, Antonia Di Bella and Lorenzo Pozza.
  • Members of the group management committee (GMC): Luciano Cirinà, Frédéric de Courtois, Giovanni Liverani, Eric Lombard, Luigi Lubelli, Sandro Panizza, Timothy Ryan, Marco Sesana and Valter Trevisani.
  • Other subjects qualified as "relevant parties": Jaime Anchùstegui, Simone Bemporad, Antonio Cangeri, Antonio Cassio Dos Santos, Giuseppe Catalano, Gianluca Colocci, Isabelle Marguerite Conner, Bruce Hodges, Anne Jaeger, Roberto Leonardi, Gianpaolo Meloncelli and Monica Alessandra Possa.
  • Other parties that hold at least 10% of share capital or control: Mediobanca SpA