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16th edition of the Europ Assistance - Ipsos holiday barometer

Fewer Europeans will go on summer holidays in 2016: just 54% of the European citizens interviewed can afford the travel expenses, 7% less than in 2015. This is the outcome of the phone survey conducted by Ipsos at the request of Europ Assistance on a sample of 3,000 Europeans (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Belgian and Austrian) and extended for the first time to the United States and Brazil with the aim of comparing intentions and practices with European countries involved (samples of 750 individuals surveyed online in each country).

The survey highlights a higher rate of travellers from the United States and Brazil (61% and 64% respectively), close to the levels observed last year in the European countries. Other facts coming to light in the comparison among European countries on one hand and the United States and Brazil on the other: Europeans say the seaside appeals to them, while Americans and Brazilians equally love the seaside and the cities; French prefer seasonal rentals to hotels while in the United States and in Brazil this practice appears to be much less developed; Germans holidaymakers are the most likely to make a clear break from work during their holidays.

Survey conducted by Ipsos by phone and online, between March 23rd and May 2nd 2016, in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, United States, Brazil. Sample of 500 individuals in each European country.
Sample of 750 individuals in the US and Brazil. National representative Samples.

16th edition of the Europ Assistance - Ipsos holiday barometer 2 mb