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Shares history 1996

The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of 29 June 1996 voted to: increase the company’s share capital, from ITL 1,603,250,000,000 (one thousand six hundred three billion two hundred fifty million) to ITL 1,763,575,000,000 (one thousand seven hundred sixty-three billion five hundred seventy-five million), divided into 881,787,500 (eight hundred eighty one million seven hundred eighty-seven thousand five hundred) shares with a nominal value of ITL 2,000 (two thousand) each, as follows:

  1. bonus issue of 80,162,500 (eighty million one hundred sixty-two thousand five hundred) new shares with a nominal value of ITL 2,000 (two thousand) each, to be allocated to shareholders in the proportion of one new share for each ten shares held;
  2. capitalisation of a total of ITL 160,325,000,000 (one hundred sixty billion three hundred twenty-five million) from the Monetary Revaluation Reserve established pursuant to Italian Law No. 413 of 30 December 1991;
  3. dividend rights of the new shares effective as of 1 January 1996 (one thousand nine hundred ninety-six).