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Generali has established five committees tasked with providing advice and recommendations. The risk and control committee, the appointments and remuneration committee, the corporate governance, social and environmental sustainability committee and the related-party transactions committee are all established by and composed of members of the board. The investment committee is comprised of four members of the board of directors, the chief financial officer (CFO) and the chief investment officer (CIO).

The committees generally meet according to a schedule agreed by the board of directors before the end of each business year, or whenever deemed necessary by the chair. The committees meet prior to board meetings, well in advance to address the matters they are required to report to the board.

Non-members – including other members of the board of directors and the group managers – may attend committee meetings upon invitation of the chair of the committee, in order to address individual items on the agenda.

For information on directors' shareholdings, see the shareholdings section.


Responsibilities: it is in charge of the assignments ruled by the Italian corporate governance code which are, among the others: assisting the board of directors with tasks relating to the internal control system and risk management and to other specific matters related to them (e.g.: the adoption and review of the Group policies according to Solvency 2 rules and the assessing proposals for the appointment of the auditing firm).

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Responsibilities: it is in charge of the assignments ruled by the Italian corporate governance code for both appointments and remuneration committees. Such committee provides opinions and makes non-binding proposals on the nomination and remuneration of directors and managers with strategic responsibilities and also on the remuneration policy and other subjects related to appointment and remuneration.

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Responsibilities: performing a consultative, recommendatory and preparatory role in favour of the Board, to formulate opinions and proposals on the decisions to be taken regarding the corporate governance of the Company. Provides advice and suggestions in relation to social and environmental sustainability matters.

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Responsibilities: analising periodically the Group’s investment policies, the main operational guidelines and the corresponding results, and analising in advance some major investment and divestment operations in the view of the board's decision.

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Responsibilities: giving advice on related parties transactions within its competence, in accordance with the relevant procedures, and reviewing such procedures. 

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