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The Family Holiday

Wherever your destination, whatever you do, when the whole family goes away on holiday together that’s when memories are made. The excitement, the haste, the hullabaloo; the planes, trains and automobiles; and what could be more perfect than a trip that offers both fun and discovery for big and small in equal measure? It’s the togetherness, without a doubt - that which is so often blighted by work and school and life’s everyday obligations - that moment when you see your child in a state of wonder, discovering something new for the very first time. Whether it’s out in the wild or a fast-paced historical city tour, these are the days that will stay with you - and them - forever. So before you depart, there’s a few things to take care of - because despite the fact that planning a trip is so easy these days, it only takes the most innocuous of slip-ups to bring the whole safari to a grinding halt. A small child with an ill-timed temperature or worse, a bout of sunstroke. Then there’s who and the what you leave behind to tend for itself - elderly relatives, a secure home with the oven switched off. A patient thought to every eventuality goes a long way, and then you and your family can do the same.