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Electricity accounts for the majority of our energy consumption, as we use it for lighting, operating machinery, cooling buildings and, in France and Spain, also for heating.


We use fossil fuels and district heating to heat our workplaces. Natural gas accounts for the biggest proportion of the fossil fuels we use, thanks to the gradual replacement of diesel boilers with the latest-generation gas condensing boilers.

Our Data Processing Centres (DPCs) are highly energy intensive – especially the one at Mogliano Veneto (Italy), which services the entire group. To limit the amount of electricity this facility uses, we have built a natural gas trigeneration plant that enables combined production of power, heating and cooling. In 2015 a new trigeneration plant was also introduced at the German site in Bernried which will cover 95% of electricity requirements.


We are continually upgrading our buildings to work towards eco-efficient energy consumption.


Where possible, we use energy-saving lighting, heating and cooling technologies such as:

  • low-energy LEDs
  • building covers, insulation, and thermal doors and windows
  • underfloor, ceiling or direct expansion (heat pump) heating and cool systems
  • presence sensors or timers to control lights.


Also in 2015 we purchased electric energy from renewable sources contributing to the preservation of natural sources.

Targets 2020

  • -25% per capita electricity consumption
  • -25% natural gas and diesel oil consumption


773.000 GJ

energy consumption

( -5.4% compared to 2013)

22,7 GJ

per capita energy consumption


Breakdown of energy consumption