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We want our people to embody our values because that is the best way of creating a common culture and identity. Accordingly, we have set up numerous engagement initiatives to share ideas, foster support and collaboration, and implement specific action plans.

We believe that to improve the job satisfaction of our employees, it is also essential for us to listen to their suggestions and requests. With this in mind, we have launched several initiatives.

Global Engagement Survey

In June has been launched the 2015 Global Engagement Survey – the first global satisfaction survey for all of our employees. The survey will measure the level of rational and emotional connection between people and how willing they are to invest effort in their work, in accordance with the Towers Watson’s sustainable engagement model. We will also measure the degree to which our people are able to perform at their best and sustain this level of performance over time. This engagement initiative will allow us to lay the foundations for concrete action, define future goals to improve the working environment, and strive towards transforming Generali into a best employer.

Values in Action Labs is an international initiative comprising brainstorming workshops, made possible through a collaboration between head office and local teams. The goal is to develop and implement action plans at local level, in order to encourage the spread of values by incorporating them into day-to-day workplace relationships, interactions with stakeholders and business dealings.

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Values in Action Labs ha previsto dieci laboratori, tra giugno 2014 e febbraio 2015. Il lancio dell’iniziativa ha avuto luogo a Praga, che ha ospitato una cinquantina di dipendenti della regione Central Eastern Europe. Sono poi seguiti altri workshop nelle principali città dove il Gruppo è presente: Trieste, Milano, Colonia, Parigi, San Paolo e Hong Kong.

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In Germany, we promote a culture of sustainability using internal and external communication channels, in combination with projects involving all employees. We organise courses on sustainability for offices that interact and have direct relations with external stakeholders, while colleagues belonging to specific departments, such as the purchasing department, participate in external sustainability seminars to share their experiences with other companies in the German market.

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We regularly host Corporate Social Responsibility events organised by our partners Econsense and VfU (Verein für Umweltmanagement und Nachhaltigkeit in Finanzinstituten). More specifically, in 2014 we hosted the Econsense Stammtisch event, which explored the theme of demographic change. In addition to guests from outside Generali, numerous people from the group took part in the debate, including the director of Generali Zukunftsfonds. In 2014, we ran a multiple choice sustainability quiz on the corporate intranet system. Created in collaboration with Econsense and various companies associated with the network, the quiz was developed to resemble a game of Monopoly.

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In 2014, we launched Progetto Futura (project future) in Italy. This inter-generational research project has two main goals: to share the visions of the future of each age category of Generali Italia and Generali Business Solutions employees, and to identify measures to enhance the contributions of employees during the various phases of their professional lives.

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We used two main tools to listen to our employees:

  • the ‘futura’ survey, a questionnaire to analyse people’s perceptions of the future, completed by 68% of the target population;
  • a value map, to map out the skills acquired in both the professional and private spheres, with 31% participation by employees. 

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