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Claim management

Claims management in the P&C insurance segment is an extremely sensitive element of our business processes. It involves providing continuous and proactive support to the client, from reporting the accident right through to settling the claim.

In the main countries where we operate, a total of 7,500 people were directly involved in claims management in 2014. These included over 600 experts and 200 fraud specialists who assist in training loss adjusters, providing them with the skills needed to detect and deal with fraudulent claims, while remaining in constant contact with our insurance companies through national trade associations.

Our life insurance contracts rely on our ability to guarantee financial resources for our policy holders, in order to offer them a better quality of life. In 2014, Generali paid out more than 27.4 billion euro on maturing contracts or redemptions of savings policies and pensions, and 5.6 billion euro for services following death or injury.

When it comes to pension policies, we believe that helping our clients to find information helps them to make better choices. Most of our sales networks use tools that allow them to assess our clients’ expected state pension with them in person and then to calculate the necessary extra amount required to maintain the desired standard of living. These tools also help our clients to improve their financial literacy and increase the transparency of our product offering.