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Sustainability Report 2015

For twelfth years, we have been reporting on our Group’s commitment to contribute to the society we live in – a contribution founded on our profession as insurers, but that goes beyond the limits of our business objectives. In addition to our Sustainability Report, for the last two years we have been producing an Integrated Report, to make clear to all our stakeholders how sustainability is integrated into our business and underpins its development and its results.

The Sustainability Report is aimed at a broad audience: anyone who has chosen us to meet their protection needs, works with us, trusts us with their money, or decides to invest it in our Group, and anyone who is part of the communities where we operate, may be interested in knowing where our journey is taking us.

In its 2015 edition the Report focused in particular on innovation, as a guarantee of value creation in the long-term and to tackle the most important issues of corporate responsibility. Moreover, particular attention was paid to the initiatives promoted by the Group companies in support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, representing the agenda launched by the United Nations to promote sustainable development by 2030.

The Sustainability Report is available both in PDF format and in an interactive version, where the interactive GRI Content Index is available for an easy consultation.


The Sustainability Report of Generali is in line with the core principles of balance, comparability, accuracy, clarity, timeliness and reliability, and identifies our stakeholders according to the AA1000 standard. It also complies with the G4 reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), applying the in accordance - core option, and the relative Sector Disclosures for Financial Services.

In 2014 we launched a process to identify the most important issues on which to concentrate our attention and efforts, in line with the GRI-G4 guidelines. This activity enabled us to define the materiality matrix, which pinpoints material aspects that can have a significant economic, social and environmental impact on the Group’s activities and which, influencing the expectations, decisions and actions of stakeholders, are perceived as relevant by the latter.


Wherever possible, the information disclosed in the document refers to the entire Group (i.e. including consolidated companies). However where relevant, it refers to specific areas connected with certain projects or activities.

When data for the whole Group is unavailable, we report the figures for the seven main countries in terms of the Group’s premium income (Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland). In this case, the data refers only to the insurance companies (excluding those of the Europ Assistance group) and companies providing associated services, in line with the focus on the Group’s core business, which underlies the strategy.

The Sustainability Report has not undergone external assurance, the Group preferring to concentrate its available resources on improving its social and environmental performance and the efficiency of the reporting process, in terms of both quality and quantity, and in accordance with the interests of our stakeholders. However, since 2011 we have requested and obtained ISO 14064-1 certification from certification body RINA Services S.p.A. for direct emissions deriving from the direct burning of fossil fuels for heating, for the production of electricity and thermal energy, and for running the corporate fleet (Scope1), and for indirect emissions from energy consumption (Scope2).