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Celebrate the Earth Day

On 22nd April the Earth Day the largest environmental event of the Planet, is celebrated. Every year it involves million people and about 22.000 organizations in 192 countries around the world.
The aim of this day is to bring attention to environmental issues to possibly spark changes that will result in a more healthy and sustainable environment. This includes addressing climate changes and finding ways to protect the planet for future generations.
Earth Day 2016 is particularly important as nations across the world sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change set out atCOP21 last year, at the headquarters of the United nations (UN) in New York.
The historic agreement saw countries pledge to limit global warming to contain the temperature raise below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. The agreement will come into effect from 2020 and for one year, starting from April 22nd, it will be possible to sign it.
Generali has been one of the official sponsors of COP21 and has worked to promote the positive outcome of the Conference through continuous news and video content on its corporate websites, interviews, articles, conferences and public debates.
As an international player, Generali wants to play an active role in supporting the transition to a more sustainable economy and society. The Company will continue to monitor and reduce direct impact and contribute to keeping global warming below 2°C through the products, services and investments, dialoguing and collaborating with Governments and associations, in line with the declarations in the Group Policy for the Environment and Climate.