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HR Innovation Award 2016: Generali awarded for Orion, the global and integrated Talent management project

Generali’s HR strategy, focused on performance management and talent attraction and retention at Group level, has been rewarded with the HR Innovation Award 2016, an important recognition conferred by Osservatorio HR Innovation Practice of the Politecnico di Milano, for Orion, a platform which aligns all the key managerial HR processes at Group level in one single IT system. “The initiative -  as reported in the statement – distinguished itself by a substantial extension in terms of HR processes supported by the platform and structured approach to project management, which also contributed to the creation of a meritocratic and transparency-based corporate culture, to the simplification of processes and to the identification and enhancement of best practice HR processes at global level”.

Orion’s implementation in all the countries Generali operates in allows the streamlining of administrative processes and simplifies the exchange of knowledge and information among and about the employees.

Orion is made up of two main components: a core HR Repository, whose purpose is to create the first global storage of information about the employees, and seven modules corresponding to seven key sub-processes: recruitment and job posting, goal setting, performance and talent management, succession planning, reward, learning and social. Thanks to Orion new innovative technologies are implemented in order to hire the best talents and executives, help them to set their goals, review their performances, manage their succession plan and their compensation package and offer the right learning plans.


Thanks to its application at Group level, Orion Project has contributed to strengthen the cultural push towards community, meritocracy and transparency.

From left: Professor Mariano Corso, Fiorella Crespi, Tommaso Fasoli (Generali), Massimo Simonetta (Generali) and Martina Mauri.