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This section answers a number of questions about the shareholders’ meeting.

The meeting regulations are available on this page.

The Shareholders' Meeting Notice was published on 17 March in the web site and it was published in the newspapers "Sole24Ore" and "Il Piccolo" on 18 March 2016.

As for attendance and voting, the authorised financial intermediary holding Generali shares must be instructed to send a notice to the company concerning attendance. This notice includes the number of shares held in custody at the end of the seventh market day before the date of the Shareholders' Meeting in first or single call (i.e. record date, which this year has been identified as April 15, 2016).

Shareholders qualifying as such after the record date are not entitled to attend and vote at the Shareholders' Meeting. The notice must be delivered to Assicurazioni Generali by the end of the third market day before the date of the Shareholders' Meeting in first or single call. Shareholders may attend and vote also if the notice from the authorised intermediary is delivered after the deadline, provided it is delivered by the start of the Shareholders' Meeting.

Pursuant to the Legislative Decree no. 27/2010, as amended, the rights to attend and to vote at the Shareholders' Meeting may be exercised by Shareholders who – at the end of the seventh business day before the day of the Shareholders' Meeting (i.e. the record date) – are holders of shares of the issuer and have notified their intention to attend the Shareholders' Meeting to the authorised intermediary. This right is not forfeited if shares are transferred wholly or in part after the record date, which, for this Shareholders' Meeting, is 15 April 2016. Any registration of purchase or sale after that date is not relevant for the purpose of entitlement to attend and vote at the Shareholders' Meeting.

Shareholders may either attend personally or appoint a proxy in writing. Shareholders with voting rights may appoint a single proxy for each Shareholders' Meeting (subject to the exemptions established in art. 135 - novies of Legislative Decree no. n. 58/1998), without prejudice to the option to appoint substitute proxies or the Designated Representative of the Company. The proxy is also valid for the subsequent calls of the Shareholders' Meeting. The proxy is not valid if the name of the representative is not stated; the proxy and the related voting instructions may be revoked. The proxy must be in writing and the proxy form is available on the website of Assicurazioni Generali ( and at the registered office.

The Designated Representative of the Company is the organisation the Company may appoint for each Shareholders' Meeting, pursuant to article 135-undecies of the Code on Financial Intermediaries, that Shareholders may appoint as proxy, providing voting instructions on some or all the items of the agenda, by the second business day before the Shareholders' Meeting (26 April 2016).

Proxies must be appointed using the appropriate form, which may be downloaded from the website and is free of charge for Shareholders.

For this Shareholders' Meeting, the Designated Representative is: Computershare S.p.A., as specified in the Shareholders' Meeting Notice.

Reports are available to the public at the registered office, on the website and they are submitted to Computershare S.p.A, a company authorised pursuant to art. 113-ter, paragraph 4, letter. b) of Legislative Decree no. n. 58/1998, at the storage mechanism, known as "1info", by the deadline for the issue of the Shareholders' Meeting Notice or as required by the applicable regulations. 

Pursuant to CONSOB and IVASS regulations, listed insurance and reinsurance companies are required to publish the remuneration report within a set period. This report includes two sections: the first section describes the remuneration policy for members of the corporate bodies and managers having strategic responsibilities, the second section describes how the policy has been implemented, detailing the actual fees paid. In this framework, the Shareholders’ Meeting is called upon to pass a resolution on the first part only, and it merely needs to be informed about the second section. 

Pursuant to the Legislative Decree no. 27/2010, the Shareholders' Meeting minutes must be available within 30 days from the day of the Meeting. Within 5 days from the day of the Shareholders' Meeting, a summary must be published on the website, detailing the outcomes of the votes, the number of shares represented in the Shareholders' Meeting and the percentage of the share capital represented by the shares for which votes have been cast, the number of votes in favour, the number of votes against the resolutions and the number of abstentions.

No it is not. Pursuant to article 123 bis, paragraph 3, of the Legislative Decree no. 58 of 24 February 1998, the board of directors of the company is called upon to adopt the Corporate Governance Report.

In line with last year, a new long-term incentive plan based on Assicurazioni Generali shares - the 2016 Group LTI - has been submitted to the approval of the Shareholders' Meeting. The plan is spread out over a total period of 6 calendar years, is linked to specific Group performance targets (Return on Equity and relative Total Shareholders Return) and is subject to the verification of the achievement of minimum level in terms of Economic Solvency ratio. The plan is based on a 3-year performance period and additional sale-restriction periods on granted shares (minimum holding period) of two years. The plan provides for the participation of about 600 beneficiaries for a maximum number of 10,000,000 shares equal to 0.64% of the current share capital.