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The Cultural Break

Travel broadens the mind. This has become one of the great mantras of our time, and it doesn’t matter if we’re travelling just a few hundred miles or across continents - what matters to those travelling for culture is the wealth of artistic or historical treasures there to be scrutinised. The small, lesser-known museums; the footsteps of a great artist; the writer and a tour of his literary locations; castles and forts; historical cities; private museums and the collections that may be on show just for a few days before being locked away in the darkness once more. Those who are drawn to these worldly treasures are rarely distinguishable by anything other than a ravenous curiosity that forges ahead regardless of any small discomforts. We know what we’re doing - we know our budget and take care of our affairs, lest we be pegged back in our quest. First and foremost, we leave our homes secure. We take the climate into account and all the necessary precautions. And last but not least, we plan ahead, not to be outdone by cancelled flights or leaves on the track. And off we go, serene in the knowledge that we’re prepared.