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Born in a bright future

Smartphones have stormed into our lives and they’ll keep changing them way more than we could have ever imagined

Smartphones are the tools which - more than anything - increase our capabilities to interact with the outside world, sparking effects which were still inconceivable just a few years ago.


The transformation has been so fast that it is now hard to imagine how future smartphones will evolve, but it is possible to forecast some trends and be sure of at least two things. First of all that smartphones will gradually become less of a telephone and more of a cross-section device affecting fields such as health, information, education, financial and insurance management, personal security and entertainment.


And secondly, that demographics and development will become increasing key factors in their success. Young people from emerging or progressive markets will be the customers who are best equipped to benefit from this. Generali’s partnership with Obi Worldphones means we are now part of this fast-moving, exciting and opportunity-filled future.


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